The answer to your Large Joint, Extremities and Spine requirements.

As a privately-owned small business, we can handle your manufacturing needs. From small-run prototypes, to high-volume production runs, our broad range of capabilities, modern, state-of-the-art equipment, and over 75 years of manufacturing experience make Jarvis Surgical your one-stop-shop.

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  • Total Arthroplasty and Revision Components
  • Tibial Components (CoCr and Ti)
  • Talar Components (CoCr)


  • Unicondylar, BiCompartmental, and Total Knee Grinding and Milling
  • Tibial Components
  • Revision Knee components including Augment Blocks, Posts, and Screws for CoCr and Ti


  • Stems (Ti, CoCr) in all configurations. Plasma, HA, and Porous Coated
  • Femoral Heads 17mm > 40mm+
  • BiPolar Shells
  • Acetabular Cups


  • Plates
  • Screws
  • Complex Assemblies
  • PEEK Machining


  • Stems (Primary, Revision, Fracture)
  • Glenoid Heads
  • Reverse Heads


  • Steel and Plastic
  • Complex Assemblies
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